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Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying at School

By True Schools Staff

It would be important to point out that bullying can actually result in lifelong consequences, so make sure you lend a good ear if your child has concerns with it. Then, help him come up with a plan to avoid bullying, or even stop it completely.

Once upon a time, bullying was just a regular phase of childhood. However, things are different now. Bullying has become a real problem and the worst part is that most children go through it. In fact, bullying even extends to cyberspace nowadays, with various forms of virtual harassment popping up left and right.

Kinds of Bullying

Every child could be a victim of bullies, but younger children and those who are easy to intimidate and do not have any friends are usually the targets. Bullying has several different forms, as follows:

The Consequences

Victims of bullies might get scared of school, in general. They might pretend to have stomachaches or headaches, or might have trouble focusing on their schoolwork. The consequences may get worse as time goes by, and the victims may end up with higher rates of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, as well as various other mental health issues. They are also more likely to try and commit suicide later on in life.

The Warning Signs

Children who are being bullied usually stay quite because they are scared, embarrassed or ashamed of their situation. Here are several warning signs you should look out for:

What Should You Do?

If your child seems to be a victim of bullies, do the following:

If your child happens to be a victim of bullying, keep in mind that the best solution would be an early intervention. This will help prevent problems that might crop up in the future, like depression, low self-confidence and anxiety. Also, do not let your child deal with it alone. Support him at all costs.

Stop school bullying.
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