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Articles and information helpful to parents and students.

Finding & Evaluating Schools for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your child's future. Follow these tips to help you choose wisely.

12 Homework Tips for Parents

Here are great 12 tips every parent can use to help their children get homework done.

Fun Activities for Kids

Without a doubt, families today are much more different compared to families from four decades ago.

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Obesity has become more and more of a problem for both children and teenagers within the last few years. In fact, around 16% of children and 33% of teenagers are obese right now, and society pays billions because of it. As easy as it is to recognize this medical condition, though, it can be hard to treat and can thus result in hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Also, people who are overweight during their childhood usually end up staying overweight all their lives unless they change their diet and exercise patterns and maintain them.

Parenting Styles: What's Your Parenting Style?

Different people always have different ideas about how they want to bring up their children. There are several people who follow how their own parents brought them up, for example, while others get most of their advice from their friends. Other people simply read parenting books, while others take local classes. Now, although nobody can really claim to have all of the answers to perfect parenting, scientists and psychologists now know which parenting practices tend to be the most effective in resulting in positive outcomes for today's children.

Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying at School

It would be important to point out that bullying can actually result in lifelong consequences, so make sure you lend a good ear if your child has concerns with it. Then, help him come up with a plan to avoid bullying, or even stop it completely.
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