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Financial Aid for College | Everything You Need to Know about Financial Aid for College

Financial Aid Basics for College & University

Financial Aid Basics for College & University

Do the words FAFSA, PLUS, EFC and Stafford mean anything to you? Without a doubt, colleges tend to speak a completely different subject when it comes to money matters, but it is fortunately very easy to learn the basics. In a nutshell, financial aid simply refers to money that can help people pay for their college tuitions. There are three different types in total, grants, loands and work-study. >> Read more

Financial Aid Topics

Applying to College

Financial Aid Basics

Seeking financial aid to pay for college may be easier than you think. Discover sources, ideas and advice for finding and applying for financial aid.

Top Articles for Financial Aid Basics:
>> Financial Aid Basics
>> Statistics of Undergraduates Receiving Aid
Online College Classes

College Grants

Grants are considered one of the most preferred typs of financial aid for students because grants are not repaid. Unfortunately, grants are almost always based on the student's financial situation.

Top Articles for College Grant Aid:
>> Undergraduate Student Grant Statistics
>> Pell Grants Statistics

College Work-Study

College Work-Study

Work-study is a great way to supplement your financial situation while in college. There are many work-study programs to choose from.

Top Articles for College Work-Study:
>> Undergraduate Student Work-Study Statistics

Student Loans for College & University

Student Loans

Student loans are by far the most used form of financial aid for higher education. Without student loans, many people could not afford to attend college.

Top Articles for Student Loans:
>> Federal Student Loan Consolidation
>> Undergraduate Student Loan Statistics
College Scholarships

College Scholarships

Winning a college or university scholarship may be easier than you think, and in some cases scholarships can cover 100% of your educational costs.

College Social Life

FAFSA School Codes

Find school codes for all colleges and universities required for your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA.

Top Pages for FAFSA:
>> FAFSA School Codes
>> FAFSA Deadlines

Questions & Answers College Q&A

Q: Would you be willing to assume $200,000 of student loan debt to attend the college of your choice? If yes, which college would you attend?

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