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Fun Activities for the Family

Setting aside time each week for fun leads to better family health.
By True Schools Staff

Families today are different than families of the past. Many parents work longer hours today and kids are often juggling school and extracurricular activities, which leaves less time for anything else. Despite our busy lifestyles, we can still enjoy time together as a family, but it requires a little bit of planning and organizing.

Most families have at least one day each week where free time for parents and children overlap. Usually this is on a weekend, often a Sunday. Set aside a couple of hours on this day, and give it a label such as "Fun Time" or "Game Night." This is your designated fun time, and attendance is important.

Now for the activities. Here are some activities our staff have enjoyed with their families:

Pillowcase Race

Okay, we know it sounds a little dated, but believe us when we say it's more fun than you think, especially if your children are younger. The rules are simple, put both legs into a pillowcase and race to the finish line. Some people waddle while others hop. Whatever works best for you. Adults should use lareger, king-size pillow case while children can use regular-size.

To add an educational element to the race, everyone can decorate their pillowcases with fast animals such as cheetahs or gazelles. Share information about each animial and ask questions. Whoever gets the most questions right can get a head start in the race!


Charades are another great activity the entire family can enjoy. To add another element to the game, try centering each subject on unforgettable family moments. Has your dog ever eaten somebody's birthday cake? Did mom ever turn the entire laundry load pink? Write down some of these funny moments and place them all inside a bowl. Then have everyone pick out one of the notes and act out each event accordingly. This activity is a great way to show children how to see the humor in stressful moments of the past.

Indoor Science

Indoor scientific experiments are great activities when it's raining outside. Making slime is a fun experiment that teaches children about basic chemistry. The best part is that slime is very easy to make. There are only two basic ingredients in slime, liquid starch and white glue. Mix in two equal amounts, knead the mixture with your hands, cover it up and let it rest for a few minutes. You can even add food coloring to make green slime, red slime or whatever you prefer. While this activity is a lot of fun, it's also educational. It's basic chemistry, and kids can see how mixing two liquids together can create a solid.

Finally, remember that family bonding is a vital aspect when it comes to family health, so make sure you add some humor and fun into your daily lives as much as possible. This will help keep lines of communication and trust open.

Fun Activities For Kids
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